The original stainless steel clothes peg.

Beautiful. Sustainable. Unbreakable.

Pincinox stainless steel pegs are world renowned for their unparalleled quality. Each eco friendly peg comes with a lifetime warranty and is backed by over 50 years expertise of the family business who make them in France.


A family story of eco friendly pegs

The first Pincinox peg was hand cut from a washing machine drum and shaped with pliers. It was 1968 and inventor, Louis Violet, began manufacturing pegs from stainless steel with uncompromising dedication to quality.

Louis built up the Pincinox business across France with his son and wife, refining their manufacturing process over the decades.

Today these industrial quality pegs are used by eco conscious consumers around the world. Pincinox pegs won’t rust, heat up, break, snap or go mouldy. Ever.


Pincinox in Australia

Pincinox pegs are exclusively distributed in Australia by I Will Last.

A Sydney based family business, I Will Last procures top quality, plastic free products that make your life better at home.

We only stock homewares that do what they promise now – and for generations to come. We’re here to make your life better without sacrificing the planet.

That’s why we’re proud to be the sole distributor of Pincinox in Australia.

You won’t find any plastic in our supply chain. None of our wholesale packaging has plastic, our tape is paper based and we are committed to plant 40 trees a month with A Trillion Trees.

Like Pincinox eco friendly pegs, all our products are endlessly useable and infinitely useful.